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ODEBO Organic Fabric Refresher

ODEBO Organic Fabric Refresher

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Get an extra day’s wear from your kids' clothes, liven up musty sheets, curtains, sofas or car seats. 

ODEBO Organic Fabric Refresher is an ideal choice for gym heads, business travelers, school students or just to have around the home. The Odour Grabbing Technology – zeolites that trap the odour molecules rather than masking them like synthetic deodorants, magically cancels bad smells. Due to the nature-derived ingredients, it is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our signature fragrance, “Josh” a unique aromatic woody scent with highlights of sandal and cedar along with spicy leathery musky notes adds to the freshness.
You can also use it to reduce wrinkles and creases for an easy, no-iron experience. 

Ingredients:  Contains Zinc zeolites, wood spirit, solubiliser, essential oils for fragrance and water.

Does not contain parabens, sulphates, bleach, optical brighteners and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Net Vol: 250 ML

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