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ODEBO Organic Stain Remover

ODEBO Organic Stain Remover

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No more stains! ODEBO's nature-derived ingredients are tough on stains while being gentle on your fabric. Unlike Synthetic stain removers, it’s skin safe and can be used even while you are wearing stained clothes. Tested on grass, blood and food stains – curry, tea, coffee, wine, ketchup and more.

It uses Active Enzyme Technology, a powerful proprietary blend of six plant-derived enzymes to dissolve stains making it easy to scrub off.

Ingredients: Biosurfactants, nature-derived emulsifiers, anticoagulants and solvents, water and enzymes – amylase for carbohydrates, protease for proteins, lipase for fats, cellulase for sugars, mannanase for mannans (gums) and pectinase for plant-based stains.

Free from bleach, phenols, peroxides, chlorides, sulphates, formaldehyde, dyes and other toxic ingredients

 Net Vol – 250ml

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